KKK distributes flyers outside North Carolina football game criticizing removal of Confederate statues

The Ku Klux Klan chose to target a high school football game for its defense of Confederate statues, sending a North Carolina school district scrambling to determine why the racist organization chose a high school football game as the ideal ground on which to spread targeted racist propaganda.

As reported by the News & Observer, Charlotte Observer and other North Carolina sources, a branch of the KKK — the Loyal White Knights — distributed racist flyers outside the Gray’s Creek High School football game on Friday night. The flyers were titled, “The Removal of Confederate Monuments is Another Attack on White History, The White Race, and America Itself.” The title makes it quite plain what the material assesses, from an overtly racist viewpoint.

“We are aware of the unapproved distribution of material on the campus of Gray’s Creek High School Friday night during the football game which is currently being investigated,” said Gray’s Creek Principal Lisa Stewart.

There is no word on when the Cumberland County Schools investigation will conclude, but there is equal confusion over what inspired the Loyal White Knights to choose Gray’s Creek. The school sits in Hope Mills, N.C., which was 73 percent white and 17 percent African-American as of the 2000 census. On Friday Gray’s Creek was hosting Pine Forest, which hails from the significantly larger and more diverse Fayetteville metropolitan area; Fayetteville has an almost equal percentage of White and African-American residents.

It’s possible that the flyers were posted on cars with the goal of provoking a visceral reaction from members of the Pine Forest community. Or it’s possible that they honestly felt the Gray’s Creek community was an ideal source for future recruits to the Loyal White Nights.

Or, perhaps, their goal the entire time was simply to generate more attention. If so, mission accomplished.

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