Looking For An Apartment In Charlotte, North Carolina?

Looking For An Apartment In Charlotte, North Carolina? Consider These 7 Factors In Your Search!

Are you moving to or looking for a new place to live in the Queen City? If so, then you might be looking for an apartment in Charlotte, North Carolina. The state’s largest city currently has a tight home market, with standalone homes selling on average in less than three months. The lack of availability means more and more people are renting, either by necessity or to live in the area while looking for a home. If you are one such person, keep reading to learn 7 criteria to use in your search.

1) Is the rent above or below $1,200 per month? That is roughly the average apartment rent around the city, although it is rising. If any unit you are looking at is over that price point, the property should be pretty new and nice, or the unit should have more than just the standard two bedrooms.

2) What perks come with the apartment? Even though demand for units is high, there is still competition among properties to draw in clients. Look for more than a token swimming pool. Communities that have social gatherings, activities, and event calendars, even if just once a month, typically have property management offices that care.

3) How prompt and responsible is the maintenance? How well you are taken care of once you live somewhere goes a long way towards how happy and comfortable you are somewhere. If you can, talk to current residents about this. Checking online reviews online is likely your best bet here.

4) Is mass transit a nearby option? Charlotte’s transportation system is still growing, but public busing is robust with many routes across the city. Living on an ‘artery’ route that directly runs to the transit hub uptown makes for convenient connections to most of the city. Likewise, living on one of the light rail lines also helps you get around without a car.

5) Is the apartment complex in a retail or residential area? Some apartments are being built on top of stores in commercial areas, but others are situated near or beside neighborhoods of standalone homes. Any area with permanent home ownership in the structure mix tends to see less traffic and crime.

6) Does Internet speed matter to you? Google Fiber is being deployed throughout the actual city of Charlotte, so living within the official boundaries can mean blazing online speeds.

7) Do you prefer small town life with big city convenience? Charlotte dominates most of Mecklenburg County, but not all of it. Suburbs like Matthews, Pineville, Mint Hill, and Huntersville all offer small town charm and vibe but still have all the perks of living in an urban area. Response time of emergency services like police are often much better in these smaller towns.

Using these 7 criteria, you should be able to sift through the many apartment choices that are available to Charlotte, North Carolina renters such as yourself.