North Carolina High School Principal Apologizes for Student’s ‘Sexist’ Yearbook Quote

A North Carolina high school principal apologized on Wednesday after a student’s offensive statement was published in the school’s yearbook.

A senior at Panther Creek High School in Wake County submitted a quote to the yearbook committee that read: “I don’t know what’s worse, candy corn or women’s rights,” according to The News & Observer.

Many students were outraged that the “sexist” statement was published in the high school memorabilia when they received the yearbooks on Wednesdsay. Principal Camille Hedrick issued an apology on Twitter later that day, assuring that administratives will look into its editorial review process in the future.

“I would like to apologize to our school community for the offensive senior quote that was not caught by the yearbook review process,” Hedrick wrote in the statement.

“This sexist quote is a poor representation of our school and particularly our senior class. I am disappointed that it was published, and doubly disappointed that one of our students would harbor – let alone express – such a hateful viewpoint. This isn’t who we are,” the statement read.

In the same week, principal Dana King of Millbrook High School, also in Wake County, issued an apology for another offensive yearbook quote that read, “I like my women how I like my milk: white, rich and 2% fat,” the newspaper reported.

Principals in the Wake County public school system have the right to prohibit any “vulgar, indecent, or obsene” material from being published in the yearbook. However, the county website states: “Student reporters and editors are responsible for the content of student publications.”

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