Three Interesting Restaurants For A Great Dining Experience In Hickory NC

Located in the western part of the state, Hickory, North Carolina is a city whose downtown area looks nice for starters. Don’t you like it that cities try to keep their old historical downtown storefronts? Maybe one of the three restaurants we are going to look at is in the downtown area. Let’s get to looking at some of the top restaurants in Hickory NC.

Hatch Sandwich Bar is located on First Avenue NW, and the place serves up what they call a Thanksgiving Turkey Sandwich. One person titled a positive review with brussel sprouts, and that is surprising. Those brussel sprouts must be good. Another reviewer talks about how the BLT was the best he had in years. So lunch with great sandwiches is covered if that’s what you are looking for in Hickory NC.

I had to pick this restaurant just because of the hilarious mix of Asian culture with US pop culture. It is a cool name, and it makes you wonder if the owners know. You would think they would have been told by now, but you never know. I still haven’t told you the name of the restaurant. It is called the House of Nom Nom. What a great name. The House of Nom Nom is located on Catawba Valley Boulevard, and some menu items served up there include kahuna burgers, rice bowls and kimchi fries.

Vintage House is on 3rd Avenue NW, and it is known for what one reviewer labels it as superb cuisine. There is shrimp scampi pomodoro, lump crab cake, rainbow trout, salmon, salads and more. The Vintage House and the other two establishments are all good choices when you are searching out restaurants in Hickory, North Carolina. I will go ahead and give you my favorite pick out of the three, and it would be Hatch Sandwich Bar.