Traveling To North Carolina To Visit My Friend That Recently Moved There

One of my best friends from high school and I have remained very good friends over the years. We always find time to get together at least once a month. However, it was easy when she lived in the same town as me. Recently, she moved to North Carolina and she asked me when I would be free to come and visit her. She told me how great the city that she moved to is and said it’s a pretty short drive to the beach. She said if I come visit her I can stay at her house and won’t need to worry about the expense of getting a hotel room or anything like that.

Once I got off the phone with her, I immediately checked with my job to see when I can get the time off. I was able to schedule a week off at the end of the month so I can go and visit my friend. I can’t wait to see where she lives and to spend some time with her in her new town. I want to hear about everything that she has been doing since she moved there. I also want to go to the beach while there which is going to be possible. She said it is less than 30 minutes to the beach and she wants to spend at least one day there. I am excited about all of it. I plan on driving there to stay and I know that it won’t be a difficult drive. It’s only a few hours away from where I live now. She said there are many things that we can do while we are there, or we can just relax while I am visiting her.